Community & Parent Participation

Parents as Partners

The success of Waterhouse Guild relies largely on support from Guild Families. We recognize that each person has unique talents or skills to contribute to the school community, and Waterhouse will partner with parents to determine how each family can best participate. Some of the ways in which parents can contribute include:

  • Academic Support at Home
  • Assisting in the classroom (grading, prepping projects, etc.)
  • Technology Assistance
  • Fundraising (all families are required to participate)
  • The Gardens and Landscaping
  • Play-yard Assistant
  • Field trip Assistant
  • End-of-Day Cleaning and Materials Maintenance

Parent Workdays

Participating in our two fundraising / community outreach events (Winterfest and Salon) is a happy requirement. In addition to weekly volunteer participation and fundraising, each family is also required to participate in an annual parent workdays. This day is set aside every year for parents and teachers to work together to complete any necessary school maintenance projects and/or improvements.