Faculty & Staff


Founder and Director of Curation: Kim Bredberg

Director of Curation – Clare Bonn

Director of Instruction & Foundations Lab: Lori May

Director of Moral Compass: Cathi Unruh

Director of Administration: Monica Johnson


Kimberly Bredberg – Literature & Composition (Co-Chair), Creative Writing (Co-Chair), Science (Chair), Habits of Being (Chair), Administration & Curriculum (Chair)
Science (Co-Chair), Math (Co-Chair), Arts (Co-Chair)

Sharayah Hooper – Literature & Composition, (Co-Chair), Creative Writing (Co-Chair), Math & Science (Mentor)

Lori May – History & Geography (Chair), Discovery Lab (Chair), Math (Chair) Primary (Co-Chair), Latin (Chair), Habits of Being (Mentor)

Clare Bonn – Primary (Co-Chair), Science (Mentor), Habits of Being (Mentor) Administration & Curriculum (Chair), WGPA Staff Liason

Taylor Bredberg – Music (Chair), Arts (Chair), Math (Mentor)

Søren Bredberg – Arts, Math, Latin (Mentor), 

Monica Johnson – Primary Mentor (Lead), Support Mentor

Julia Johnston – Arts (Lead), Support Mentor

Cathi Unruh – Moral Compass (Chair), Spanish (Chair)

Mandy Wallace – Support Mentor

Board of Directors

President, Willie Bredberg
Secretary, Lori May
Cathi Unruh, Shirean Williams, Clare Bonn, Lisa Lait