Our desire is to wow the child’s curiosity and natural desire for inquiry. In an environment that is brimming with opportunities to explore the wonder of God’s creative magnitude, the work of learning is never boring. Our desire is to protect and promote the unique potential that God has crafted into each child and to, across all domains of learning, support children as they begin to recognize, value, and engage in their important work. When education is a humdrum, soulless endeavor, we shrink the opportunity for children to marvel and revel in the created universe and to recognize the tremendous potential of individual purpose. The Guild Method is a three-stranded cord:

Simultaneous to Foundations, the student apprentice is given ample opportunity to experience learning and gain insight through interdisciplinary lessons. Students are introduced to a topic and that topic’s connectivity to other topics by the mentor during the Exploration workshop. Through investigation, experimentation, independent research, and creative projects, students explore information and utilize it in personally meaningful ways

Explorations is the cluster of workshops where the apprentice engages in the true work of higher learning across four academic domains-Literature & Creative Composition, History & Geography, STEM, and Arts. Exploration workshops are designed to spark the creative impulse across academic domains, and help each student bring shape to an original idea. The goal of Exploration is to present high-level academic content that will challenge the apprentice to engage in Critical Creative Thinking (CCT). The foundational scaffolding of knowledge and ability provides the platform for the apprentice’s curiosity and inquiry to spark CCT. Once an original idea blossoms, mentors support their apprentices in the important work of bringing shape to his or her original idea.


Explorations Workshops are longer learning periods at the Guild. Scheduled into the regular school day, during, these workshops provide the platform for mentors to introduce topics in the group setting and supervise the the individual work of research and creative projects:

Exploratorium (k-2)

Students in grades k-2 will be welcomed into an organic environment that provides rich opportunity for guided Exploration to promote the child’s curiosity and creativity in the following subject areas: ABCeDarian and the Wonder of Words, Phonics and Literacy, the Tradition of Literature, Math Lab, History & Geography, Science, and Arts. Exploration at this level is broad enough in scope to accommodate developmental differences that exist in young children.

Exploratorium (grades 3-8)

Students in grades 3-9 take part in four Exploration Workshops
throughout the week: Literature & Creative Composition, STEM, History & Geography, and Arts