Fervent vs. Torpid and a Vintage Tennis Visor

Faith is integrated into all our lessons through the weekly Moral Compass topic. To explore God’s character, we are gathering a lexicon to help us contemplate biblical themes that initiate the character building that enables true learning to occur. Like seeds, these topics contain the potential to enlarge the world of learning. Integrated into this activity is a vast array of target academics such as handwriting, vocabulary development, sentence composition, and close reading.

The Morning Contemplative

Each morning the group gathers briefly to discuss and explore the Compass activity and to participate in a community gathering, begining the day in reflection, gratitude, and prayer.

Our Thursday Fellowship Gathering

On Thursdays, during our Mentor-led fellowship, we celebrate and solidify the week’s biblical contemplation in the caring community of the Guild.

One Thursday back in December I knew we were bound for fun when Pastor Will sauntered in to Chapel donning a tennis visor form the 70s. And as I suspected, he delivered a gem of a lesson—Thank you Pastor Will. Never a dull moment at the Guild!

Please join the fun some Thursday, sip a cup of tea, get cozy, and experience alongside your children the good things we are learning and celebrating about the God who has a large vision for each of his children—including us adults!


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