Attending Waterhouse Guild has been life-changing.

Mid-way through our daughter’s first grade year we knew our local public school just wasn’t working for her. She often felt uneasy participating in class and her questions rarely got answered. She did not want to go to school.

Once we found Waterhouse she went in to shadow for a day. When I picked her up and asked how it went, she said it was, “AWESOME!” I knew we had found a great home. That’s what Waterhouse feels like, a home surrounded by a caring community of teachers and students.

The curriculum is so individualized that my daughter gets to be challenged without being overwhelmed as well as comfortable without being bored. The breadth and depth of the curriculum are also impressive. My daughter has gained confidence as her sharing and participation are welcomed.

Every aspect of the person is nurtured at Waterhouse Guild – mind, body, and spirit. Attending Waterhouse Guild has been life-changing, the positive effects of which, I believe, will be evident in who our daughter is, forever. We are very grateful!

Christa E.
Waterhouse Guild Parent