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Our Mission
Our Mission

Children have enormous creative potential.

This potential will flourish and thrive when they are inspired to revel in their important work and to enjoy academic rigor. While reading, writing, and arithmetic are vital foundations for learning, Waterhouse Guild is committed to expanding the vision of the 3Rs to promote the development of the whole child.

Our Mission


We live in an information rich age where we can glean anything instantly. When it comes to learning, nothing happens instantly. The goal of the Guild Method is to teach each child to experience the process of moving beyond data gathering toward the art of imagining and shaping original work inspired by data. Applied reasoning engages the curiosity of the child and over time promotes Critical Creative Thinking (CCT) in all areas of life. Children are naturally capable of developing reflective thought and understanding.

Our Mission


Within the Classroom Guild learning is organically cooperative and individual, designed to empower the child’s eagerness to care about learning and to respond authentically to the wonders of the world.

Children are naturally contemplative, capable of developing reflective thought and understanding. The enriched Guild environment promotes a creative range of learning opportunities. When provided mentorship and materials, children will eagerly daydream and muse to engage curiosity to its logical end.

As children are awed by the astonishing interconnectedness of all they are learning, tackling skills such as handwriting and math facts become increasingly relevant. And when the work of learning is relevant, soulful cognitive and metacognitive skills are strengthened.

Our Mission


While much of becoming educated is an individual pursuit, significant and meaningful learning happens in community. Children, like all human beings, are naturally eager to be part of a community.

The Guild Method provides opportunities for interconnected group work where children are supported in sharing and developing their ideas. Fostering relationships in diverse mixed-age classrooms is socially genuine. Providing a rich experience of collaboration, children, through mentorship, will develop respect through cooperation with and consideration of others across grade levels.

As children develop the ability to work in the caring community of the Guild, relational abilities such as humility, compassion, and generosity are rooted, tended, and stirred to blossom.