We are so grateful we found Waterhouse Guild.

I thought my daughter was just one of those kids who doesn’t like school. I accepted that for a while. She was a good student on paper but she complained of being bored, she didn’t like to read and she told me none of her questions were being answered. My son on the other hand was thriving at the same school.

I wanted her to thrive too, but she was in the wrong school. So, we began our search. We are so grateful we found Waterhouse Guild. WHG is a completely different school environment with an extremely rigorous and creative curriculum.

Waterhouse Guild lit her fire for learning. She has found her voice and confidence to write. At the dinner table, she actually talks about what she is learning in detail! We did worry such a tiny school would not be a good choice for her socially but in this small, calm environment she found more meaningful friendships.

There is no school out there that compares to Waterhouse Guild (I searched!) My advice to curious parents is to come for a tour with your child and experience it!

Jenny L.
Waterhouse Guild Parent