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What Qualifies a Private School Teacher?

Many private schools value degrees in related fields, work experience, knowledge, and natural teaching abilities over certification.  Waterhouse is no exception.

What a private school is really looking for are teachers who can inspire students and simultaneously bring great experience to the classroom. Research has shown that good teachers are often professionals blessed with superb verbal abilities. Put another way, they know how to communicate their subject extremely well. That has little or nothing to do with Certification. Coming in right behind superb verbal abilities is the exceptional experience. A private school will value these attributes far more than teacher training or stand-alone education credits.

According to “Teacher Certification Reconsidered: Stumbling For Quality“ distributed by the Abell Foundation: “There is inconclusive evidence that certified teachers are more effective in the classroom. Teacher certification is a concoction of the political-educational establishment to protect, shield, and justify inadequacies of public education. After all, the state education office only looks at transcripts and required courses to determine if certification standards have been met—it never actually watches a teacher teach.”

What Qualifies a Teacher at Waterhouse?

Our wonderful teachers have diverse talents, including a college degree and/or equivalent life experience in their area of expertise. Additionally, our teachers have hands-on training and are mentored in the very unique Guild method.

All teachers receive a background check before being hired.

All teachers receive regular training, observation, and feedback.

Our Faculty

Kimberly Bredberg, MFA
Founder and Director Emeritus


Clare Bonn, BA

Director of Program Curation

Habits of Being, Early Language Arts, and Reading Remediation

Lori May, BA

Director of Instruction

History, Latin, and Math

Cathi Unruh

Director of Moral Compass

Spanish and Math

Taylor Bredberg, BM

Music, Arts, and Math

Mandy Wallace

Science, Literature, Composition, and Music

Søren Bredberg

Math, Science, and Latin

Monica Johnson, AA


WHG Board of Directors

Willie Bredberg

Clare Bonn

Lori May

Cathi Unruh

Shirean Williams