Covid-19:  What Our Parents Need to Know

COVID-19 Response Outline



Los Angeles County Schools:

Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19

A Planning Framework for the 2020-21 School Year CO Schools 2020-21 Planning Framework.pdf?ver=2020-05-26-161915-740



The goal of Waterhouse Guild, at all times, is to protect and promote the complete health of students, parents, staff and visitors. This includes physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional health.


Overall guidelines and responsibilities for students, parents, and staff will be communicated by:

  • Hard copies given to parents and staff.
  • Email to parents and staff.
  • Posting on the school’s website,
  • Group teleconferencing as needed.
  • On-site posters and notices as appropriate at entrances and sinks.


  1. Consider using separate entrance and exit paths to avoid congestion at gate.
    Enter from parking area.
    Exit through garden area.
  2. Classrooms will be arranged as needed to maximize social distancing while taking into account educational needs.
  3. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at each classroom entrance.
  4. Use of shared materials will be eliminated wherever possible.
  5. Common areas will be cleaned throughout the day as needed.
  6. In addition to our current daily cleaning procedures, a detailed cleaning list (TBD) will be followed at the end of each day.
  7. A visitor log will be kept at the door to track room use outside of Waterhouse hours.
  8. Cones will be provided at classroom entrances to define social distancing requirements in cases where a line forms.



  1. Staff members will be given an exposure questionnaire each morning before entering classrooms.
  2. Staff members will have temperature taken each morning before entering classrooms. If temperature exceeds health authority guidelines, they will be sent home and be required to get tested for Covid-19 before returning to class. If tested positive, staff member will be required to follow public health guidelines before returning.
  3. When feasible, masks will be worn.
  4. Staff will be required to use hand sanitizer when entering or leaving classrooms.


  1. Parents will follow all staff guidelines.
  2. Parents will be restricted from entering classrooms unless necessary.
  3. Parents will be restricted from congregating in classrooms or breezeway.


Daily before entering class:

  1. Students will be given an exposure questionnaire (with a parent or guardian present).
  2. Student’s temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer.
  3. Reminders will be given throughout the day regarding distancing and hand washing.
  4. Waterhouse instruction currently takes place in small groups, this practice will continue.
  5. Inter-mixing of groups will be minimized.
  6. Outdoor activities will emphasize social distancing.



After reading Rechenka’s Eggs…

I remember being on a Patricia Polacco roll one spring. After reading Rechenka’s Eggs to our group I heard my partner Sara say, “We can do that.”


The next thing I know we are blowing the insides out of eggs and teaching a group of primary-aged children the art of batik…on eggs!

I find it interesting that the Ukrainian word “pysanky” comes from the verb “pysaty” which means to write. So picture teaching a group of 12 or so under ten-year-olds to write with wax on eggshells! Did I mention that there is fire involved in this activity? Yes, that’s right, fire.


Here’s the deal: children are capable. Was this activity chaotic? You bet. But not once did it cross our minds that this group of children was too young to engage in a sophisticated craft. We rarely purchase construction paper! Looking back on this Guild activity, our apprentice students proved that focus is not an issue. Children possess an incredible store of focus power, but we deny them opportunity to demonstrate their prowess when we hand them coloring books.


The art of pysanky teaches patience, true. When we help children recognize pure white shells as tiny surface of potential and then support them in the painstaking work, individuality emerges.

As a teacher who’s a poet, I see a metaphor emerging.


– Kim


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