Preamble Gone Awry, Andrew S., Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, National Gold Key (Creativity in Citizenship)

Today we the people

Act the part

Of the baby child

Abandoned at birth

Grown into an old man


In the beginning

We still had a fighting chance

There were the foster parents

In the green house on the corner

Attending to our every whim

We were the new fad


That was ages ago

We are no longer young

“Cute” and “precious” are words of the past

We have grown gray in our rotting rockers

Now we are “forgotten,” “rejected”


We grew fat in that neighborhood

We threw our knowledge out the god

Forsaken window

Who wants to adopt

A rebellious teenager, run away from home?


Our chances

Have flown away faster

Than a hummingbird

Flaps its mechanical wings

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