Tortoise and the Hare


So you’ve all heard Aesop’s mythic tale of the steady tortoise who beats a speedy, albeit arrogant, hare to the finish line, right?

Slow and steady is a profoundly foundational lesson in every specter of education. Yet, it is not a Common Core objective.  At the Guild, we are constantly looking for opportunities to help our apprentices discover and value the art of slow-and-steady. Successful learning, no matter the topic at hand, demands mindful pacing—slow-and-steady attention.

This past Thursday, during drama, Mrs. W. delighted the children with improv exercises. One in particular tickled their fancy but more importantly, reinforced Aesop’s lesson. Click to watch and learn, and listen carefully for the closing gem, “You went for speed instead of accuracy.”

Red Leather.

Yellow Leather.




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